Wholesale & Custom Services


Everyone is a visionary when it comes to fashion and we can make it come to fruition.

We work in a close- knit team of production, design, factory contact team members. We are transparent with the entire process from the very beginning of our partnership.

Trust is earned and we will always deliver top-tier quality and service.

Please take your time to read all the below information on our basic services.

Decide the option that is best fit for you and your business.


Wholesale/ Bulk Purchasing Services


  • Visit the B2B Tab!
  • We offer wholesale services to established and documented businesses.
  • In order to receive wholesale information and entry into our Virtual Showroom, you must submit your business license or sellers permit via email to INFO@WEIVUSA.COM


Private Label and Custom Contract Manufacturing Services

  • Private Label and Custom Manufacturing are two entirely different services.
    • Private Labelling is the plug and play option, where you choose an already existing product stock from our stock and rebrand.
      • MOQ- 120 pieces.
      • Relabel and Repackaging fees apply.
      • Turnaround Time: 3 weeks
      • The only alterations allowed on the garment are Relabel, Hangtags, Embroidery and Screen Print.


    • Contract manufacturing is the DIY option, where you figure out each component of the product from formulation to packaging with help from a company or companies.
      • MOQ- 600 pieces
      • Entirely customizable process.
      • Prices quoted upon request.
      • Lead times vary on the style and are general estimates, subject to exception, and assumes the item will be produced from stock fabrics and trims.  Special dyes or washes, custom printed or milled fabrics, unique trims or finishes, international holidays, and unanticipated delays in shipping will delay production. 


  • Samples are provided for both Private Label and Contract Manufacturing.
    • If you have a pre-existing pattern or inspiration sample piece, we must still strike our own pattern block and proto-sample before we proceed with an official production or photo-ready sample piece- but does slightly speed the process along.
  • Wholesale samples vary and upon request.


To get more information on either one of these two services, please email us with a subject line of "Private Label Inquiry" or "Custom Contract Manufacturing"